Bluetools’ Experience at “La Noche de la Investigación”

Sharing the Marvels of Microbiology

On September 29th, our partners of the Autonomous University of Madrid had the privilege of taking part in a science communication event known as “La Noche de la Investigación” held at the CaixaForum Madrid. This event is part of the European Researchers Night, an initiative dedicated to bringing the magic of science to people across Europe.

At this event, our team engaged in a entertaining activity entitled “Proteins and Microbes with Superpowers.” Our mission was clear: to educate and inspire both children and adults, highlighting the crucial roles of microorganisms and enzymes in our daily lives.

From revolutionising the food and pharmaceutical industries to environmental care and more, at the event we explored their diverse applications through interactive games and captivating audiovisuals.

Our interactive games and immersive audiovisuals transformed learning into a fun activity for those at the event. Together we explored the incredible applications of microbiology, enriching our understanding of the world that surrounds us.

It’s essential to note that this activity was not only an expression of Bluetools dedication to science communication but also a part of two significant projects: RadicalZ and the CC-TOP biocatalysis MSCA research program (GA-956631). We extend our thanks to all those who joined us at the European Researchers Night, the Center of Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa (CBMSO) and the DG Research.