Decoding the
ocean’s potential

Bluetools is a 4-years EU funded project which will unravel the potential of marine microbiomes for healthier oceans and the blue bioeconomy.

Approach plurality

Bluetools will integrate different fields to develop cutting-edge tools that support fast, efficient, and sustainable exploitation of microbiomes.

Research to market

With a research-to-market process, Bluetools hopes to develop new products while working towards the circular blue economy and healthier marine environments.

Sustainable bioprospecting in
different marine environments

"Waste" environments

Extreme environments


& collections

Where are we going to collect our marine microbiomes?

of molecules, proteins, polymers for...

We are 14 partners spread over 7 countries

Inspired to find solution towards a circular blue bioeconomy and healthier marine environments

In medicine, materials science or sustainability

Bluetools is expected to research marine microbiomes to discover several hundreds of enzymes and other sustainable resources to be used in multiple industries.

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oceanography project coordinator, marine biology project

Project Coordinator

Aurelio Hidalgo
University Autonoma of Madrid


Project Manager

Nargisse Nejda Hamdoun
University Autonoma of Madrid


Media, press and communication

Luiza Beirão Campos
European Science Communication Institute

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